Unhoard and Twitter

Integrate Twitter with Unhoard

Review the tweets that you liked and learn, laugh or remember the tweets you saw months or years ago.


One of the biggest social media platforms

While other social media platforms might be bigger, Twitter is still very relevant. It started out as a service where users could send a text to place their 'tweet' on the platform. Over the years it has grown to a platform where you have a conversation with anyone with a public profile. It is the place where anyone can reach out to anyone, even the president or a celebrity you always wanted to meet.

Why integrate Twitter with Unhoard?

While scrolling through your feed, you give likes to tweets that appeal to you. When you integration Twitter with Unhoard, it adds those likes to your personalized newsletter. Looking back on the likes you gave months or years ago is a great way to reflect on the things that interested you back then.

  • Enjoy the likes you gave on Twitter.
  • Receive up to 10 likes from Twitter per newsletter.
  • Combine Twitter with other integrations to view all your sources in one newsletter.

Add your Twitter likes to your newsletter by integrating with Unhoard.