Unhoard and Product Hunt

Integrate Product Hunt with Unhoard

Look back on the upvotes you gave on Product Hunt and give that discovered product another chance.


The best new products, every day

Product Hunt helps you find the best new products. Every day it's community is on a hunt for the latest products across various topics. With the voting system, users can upvote the products they enjoy the most. This makes the best products rise to the top every day.

Why integrate Product Hunt with Unhoard?

You upvoted a product months ago, but might have forgotten about it. By integrating Product Hunt with Unhoard you can review the upvotes you gave every week in your personalized newsletter.

  • Find products again by looking back on upvotes you gave on Product Hunt.
  • Receive up to 10 upvotes from Product Hunt per newsletter.
  • Combine Product Hunt with other integrations to view all your sources in one newsletter.

Add your upvotes to your newsletter by integrating Unhoard with Product Hunt.