Unhoard and Pocket

Integrate Pocket with Unhoard

Add the content you have stored in Pocket to your newsletter and finally read the hidden gems you saved months ago.


The original read-it-later service

Pocket lets you save content from everywhere. You can save articles, videos or images from any page or app so you view the content later in the Pocket app. There's an app for iOS, Android, and over 1500 integrations with other apps. It has more than 30 million users and is the largest read-it-later service out there.

Why integrate Pocket with Unhoard?

Pocket was Unhoard's first integration. It's an amazing tool but it also makes it easy to save a lot, and read a little. Over time, your Pocket items grow and it gets harder to start emptying your Pocket. By integration with Unhoard, you can finally read a couple of items per week. And with the Pocket actions, you can archive or delete the items, directly from your newsletter.

  • (Re)discover items you have saved in Pocket.
  • Directly archive or delete items in Pocket from your newsletter.
  • Receive up to 10 items from Pocket per newsletter.
  • Combine Pocket with other integrations to view all your sources in one newsletter.

(Re)discover Pocket items in your inbox every week by adding it to Unhoard.