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Unhoard's shutting down

We're sad to inform you that Unhoard will be shutting down at the end of 2020. After a couple of years of working on it, we have decided to close Unhoard.

Unhoard's shutting down
We launched Unhoard in 2016 on Product Hunt. What started as a tool for ourselves turned into a product used by thousands of users. After maintaining Unhoard for over four years we have come to a point where we have decided to shut it down.

On December 21st Unhoard's service will go offline.

Why shut down?

Since we're a developer and a designer, we have mostly been designing and developing without doing too much marketing. And thus we have not been able to turn Unhoard profitable. At this point, Unhoard takes up too much of our time, and we're ready to move on to other projects.

Future options

We tried to find somebody who wanted to continue with Unhoard, but we didn't find the right match yet. We hope to find a new home for Unhoard and are considering selling it to a private owner or open sourcing to multiple maintainers.

If you're looking to buy a running SaaS with users or would be interested in maintaining Unhoard as open source software then reach out to us at

Thanks ๐Ÿ™

We want to thank you all for using Unhoard and for the trust you have placed in us the past couple of years.

Misha & Dennis
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