Platform · 2020-08-24

New integration: Discover inspiring Photography with Unsplash

Today we introduce the Unsplash integration. By adding Unsplash to Unhoard you can discover beautiful photography every week. We deliver them to your inbox in a newsletter with all of your favourite services.

New integration: Discover inspiring Photography with Unsplash

Unsplash integration

Unsplash is the place for freely usable images on the web. With a curated collection of over one million high-quality, free photos, it's a great source for finding photography for in your projects. By adding the new Unsplash integration to Unhoard, you'll get a couple of beautiful photos in your newsletter every week.

All new integration pages

With this new integration we also launch our integrations page. Every integration has its own page that tells a little more about the service. It also highlights why you should integrate it with Unhoard. This is (and will be an even better) a great place to discover some of the best services on the internet that integrate with Unhoard. Check out the new Unsplash integration page.

The first of many integrations

As we shared before, we're currently working on adding more integrations. We love to hear what you think of the Unsplash integration and what services you would like to integrate with Unhoard. Let us know on twitter or via email at or @unhoardio

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