Platform ยท 2020-06-16

Finally, a whole new Unhoard

There it is: a long overdue update of Unhoard. This complete rebuilt includes a new design with a whole new newsletter and web app.

Finally, a whole new Unhoard

A new look for the newsletter

The heart of Unhoard. The newsletter has a new design and is technically better. This update includes:

  • A cleaner design that makes reading your integrations easier.
  • A uniform item template with more metadata per integration.
  • Support for dark mode. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  • A dedicated domain ( to prevent the newsletter from landing in your spam.

A new look for the web app

A cleaner design makes it easier to find what you're looking for. The public pages and your account section are cleaner, faster and more intuitive.

  • A whole new design, making updating your integrations easier.
  • A faster and more scalable app (more below)

New content: FAQ & the blog

In Unhoard's previous version we handled most questions per email. Ofcourse we are still available, but most of your questions will be answered on the whole new FAQ page.

And as you obviously found out by now, we have also re-introduced the blog. The blog will mainly be used for communicating about new features and integrations.

Clearer pricing

Unhoard has two plans now: the free plan and the pro plan. The free plan is the same as it has always has been: 1 newsletter per week with 2 integrations and limited items.

The pro plan is updated with a monthly and yearly pricing plan. It includes a newsletter on multiple days per week, unlimited integrations and up to 10 items per newsletter. This plan will become even more interesting in the coming months when more integrations are added.

Faster, more secure and more stable

As said, the new web app and newsletter are totally rebuilt. Build on new techniques, the web app is statically served and uses API's to handle data requests. This makes the web app faster and more stable. We also fixed some bugs and made a few security improvements. Most of this will go unnoticed but it makes Unhoard a better, more stable product.

The future

We're really excited about this launch. We're looking forward to expanding Unhoard's features and integrations together with you, our users. At the moment we are working on a few things that make it easier for you to let us know what you miss in Unhoard.

Next up on the roadmap are:

  • An integrations page, where you can vote on integrations you want to have
  • A few new integrations (we have a few we would enjoy ourselves ๐Ÿ˜‰)
  • A simple way to send your feedback
  • A better referral program

Thank you!

We want to thank you for using Unhoard. You are our motivation to keep improving it. We're looking forward to improve Unhoard together. And as always, you can reach us at or @unhoardio to share your thoughts.

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