Platform · 2020-07-08

A few weeks after the redesign: new features and fixes

A new redesign always brings the possibility of things breaking. So we took the first few weeks to fix- and improve on things that were introduced by the redesign.

A few weeks after the redesign: new features and fixes

Changes in the newsletter

We received great feedback from many of you and changed a couple of things in the newsletter.

More compact

The newsletter is now more compact and scannable because we removed the intro. The 'update your settings' button is moved to the top to make sure that your items are visible from the start. Also, the news updates from Unhoard are moved to the bottom of the e-mail. So it's always: your items first.

Cleaner errors

A lot can go wrong with your integrations. Some of them need re-authentication every once in a while, others could break when you change your username at a service, resulting in a 404 in Unhoard. Before, this would result in an error that made Unhoard not send you the newsletter at all.

In this update, we send you your newsletter with an error notification per integration. This shows you if something went wrong with an integration and helps you on your way to fix it.

And a favourite: actions for Pocket

A few of you immediately contacted us to report that you missed the pocket actions. So there's good news: they're back. It's possible again to open items in your pocket, or delete- or archive them directly from the newsletter. Special thanks to Edison for helping us out while we were rebuilding this feature.

Improvements in the web app

To improve the flow of the web app we added loading states and notifications across the app. Now, when something is loading this will be visible to you. This prevents you from adding integrations twice, or logging in while you are already logged in.

Various notifications were also added to show you when something succeeded or failed.

Invisible stuff: better error reporting

Besides smashing various bugs, we focused on improving our error reporting. This helped us find some bugs that we could easily fix and will improve your experience. If you run into trouble, please let us know at and we will resolve it as quick as possible.

That's all for now. We wanted to let you know we are still working on improving the basis and we also started working on some new integrations. We love to hear what you think of the new Unhoard and what integrations you would like to see. We're always available at or @unhoardio.

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